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Here's what you need to do to enter our cookery competition:

KEEN HOME COOKS – aged 19+

Adults are encouraged to compete against other keen home cooks to win some amazing prizes and experience a day of engaging and competitive cooking. The experience will also provide an insight into what RACA stands for, with a view to inspiring their own children, friends and relatives.


Your entry should ideally​:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of flavours and textures

  • showcase as many skills as possible

  • demonstrate an awareness of nutritional balance

  • take no more than 90 minutes to prepare and feed two people

  • utilise the maximum amount of time

  • consider the amount of oil & fats used in the dish

  • minimal wastage of ingredients

  • consider the seasonality of the National Final when choosing ingredients.


Also you must:

  • write a bit about about yourself and why you chose your dish, together with a photo.

  • meet the required Terms

Enter below online or via our postal form here.

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