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WINNERS 2023-2024

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Malka Levein

Aspiring Student Chef 11-13
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I really love to cook and would like to try cooking in a professional kitchen, as I have only cooked at school and at home. A former student of my school is on the Specialised Chefs course, and it sounds amazing. My teacher has also encouraged me to enter as she says I have a real flair for cooking.

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Aspiring Student Chef 14-16
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I chose to make this dish because all the flavours blend very well, and the different textures provide an interesting variety. This dish is pleasing to the eye and the tomatoes give a nice pop of colour. I love pasta.

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Daniel Qian

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Aspiring Student Chef 16-18
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I seize every opportunity to explore the culinary world. I’m constantly creating recipes, experimenting with unique flavours, reading books written by my favourite chefs, and eagerly watching a wide array of cooking shows.

Estela Stumbraité

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