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WINNERS 2022-2023

Aspiring Student Chef 11-13

"Throughout my life I have loved to cook. I really enjoy experimenting with dishes and putting my own twist on things. I can work well under pressure but stay calm and stay focused with the task in hand. I chose this recipe because Guinea fowl and coloured carrots are healthy & nutritious, the flavour of the Parma ham compliments the Guinea fowl and gives it more flavour and texture. I also made a homemade prune chutney to go in the middle to give my dish some more flavour and a hint of warmth."


Aspiring Student Chef 14-16

"I have had a passion for foraging, preserving and cooking for quite a while now and I have always looked to try and improve my culinary abilities. I see this competition as an opportunity to showcase both what I have learnt in the past couple of years but also how I have developed since taking part last year."

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Aspiring Student Chef 16-18

"I’m incredibly passionate not only about cooking but also the sourcing of high quality, local and seasonal ingredients, growing my own produce, regular foraging trips around my countryside village and fermenting and preserving things to heighten their flavour. Having said that, being 16, I am very new to the world of food and the hospitality industry as a whole, I have a lot to learn as I’m trying to develop my own ideas and style of cooking. I believe that winning the competition would give me the confidence to progress through the hospitality industry and prove to myself and potential employers my passion, skill, and style of cooking. The main flavours of the dish are venison, cauliflower, chervil and damson. I challenged myself by boning out a section of a saddle of venison in the time frame. I have used my homegrown damsons and vinegar in the recipe and created as little waste as possible using the cauliflower leaves in the sautéed greens."


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