Loin of Wild Fallow Deer, Parsnip (puree, sweet roasted, parsnip crisps), Kale, Pickled Blackberries, Walnut Ketchup & Meat Juices

"I chose this recipe because it is seasonal and represents the county where I live. The deer is sourced locally and is shot wild to lower numbers. I have preserved blackberries from my own garden, pickling them in summertime to use them in winter. All ingredients in the dish are at their best in February."


Parsnip puree:

  • 4 Parsnips 

  • 100ml Double cream

  • 50ml Water

  • Salt & White pepper


Parsnip crisps:

  • 1/2 Parsnip

  • 500ml Oil to deep fry in – vegetable oil


Roast parsnips:

  • 2 Parsnips

  • 50ml Golden syrup

Walnut ketchup:

  • 1 Jar of Green pickled walnuts (bringing with us)

  • 50g Dark brown sugar

  • 20g Light brown sugar


Venison sauce:

  • 1litre Brown veal/chicken stock (bringing with us)

  • 50g Butter

  • 20g Redcurrant jelly

  • 50g Kale

Micro herb:

  • 1packet Fresh thyme

  • 50ml oil to roast in – vegetable oil

  • 500g loin of fallow deer

  • Pickled blackberries

  • 1 punnet coriander micro cress


PICKLED BLACKBERRIES: (already pickled in August)


  1. To pickle the blackberries, add all of the ingredients except the blackberries to a pan and heat until the sugar dissolves. Cool, then add the blackberries and leave to pickle.



  1. For the puree, add sliced parsnips, cream and water to a pan, cover with a lid and cook until the parsnips are soft. Strain, reserving the cream, and add the parsnips to a blender.

  2. Add a splash of the cooking water to the parsnips and liquidize until smooth. Season to taste.

  3. For the parsnip crisps peel and slice on a mandoline. Deep fry until golden brown then drain on paper and salt to taste.

  4. For the roasted parsnips, peel and chop into batons. Drizzle with oil, thyme and roast. When cooked drizzle with the syrup and put to one side.



  1. To make the walnut ketchup, boil the walnut pickling vinegar with the sugars until dissolved.

  2. Place the pickled walnuts in a blender with the vinegar and sugar mixture and blitz until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve and transfer to a squeezy bottle.



  1. To make the venison sauce, saute the venison trimmings in butter until browned and caramelized all over.

  2. Add the shallot, garlic and brown chicken stock, bring to a simmer, skim and cook down to a sauce consistency. Pass through a sieve and season. Set aside until just before serving.

  3. Reheat the venison sauce and add a knob of butter.



  1. For the kale, prepare by cutting out the stalk. Deep fry some and blanch the rest until just cooked but crisp. 



  1. Trim any excess sinew.

  2. Season the venison and fry in a little oil until coloured.

  3. When coloured add butter for flavour and keep basting with a spoon.

  4. Cook until pink then rest. Slice when ready to serve.



  1. Place a large tablespoon of parsnip puree in the centre of the plate and sweep backwards with the spoon. Place the kale across the puree then add the sliced venison. Arrange the roasted parsnips, parsnip crisps and deep-fried kale on the plate. Arrange the pickled blackberries around the plate. Finish with dots of walnut ketchup and spoon over the sauce.