The Sanderson X Andrews: Mallard, Rhubarb Hoisin, Confit Leg, Chinese Leaf & Red Miso

Aspiring Student Chef 2020-21 Finalist - Alfie Sanderson

About the Recipe

This dish has very much pushed me out of my comfort zone. Asian inspired cooking is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me, which I'd love to explore fully. The idea was to combine locally sourced game with my new found Asian knowledge as well as creative techniques and plating to create a flavourful dish.


Rhubarb Hoisin

  • 300g rhubarb 

  • 100g brown sugar

  • 50g soy

  • 1 1/2 tbsp. red miso

  • 1 tsp ketchup

  • 2 1/2 tbsp. Chinese 5 spice

  • orange zest

  • 10g rice wine vinegar

Confit Leg

  • 6 spring onion

  • 6 clove garlic

  • equal quantity ginger to garlic

  • 1 1/2 lime zest

  • orange slices 3 tsp yuzu juice

  • 30g soy

  • 50g mirin

  • 25g honey

  • 1 chilli

  • chicken stock

Chinese Leaf

  • Chinese leaf

  • 15g brown sugar

  • 15g rice wine vinegar

  • Chinese 5 spice

  • star anise 

Mallard Breast

  • 2 breast skin on 

  • clarified butter

  • shichimi togarashi 


  • 1 tbsp. red miso 

  • 400ml dashi

  • 3 tbsp. of the hoisin

  • cornflour

  • shallot

  • 2 garlic cloves

To garnish

  • freeze dried blackberries

  • lemon balm

  • nasturtium leaves


Stew rhubarb for 10 mins with 70g of the brown sugar and then let cool.

Colour duck leg all over then remove from the pan and cook off garlic, ginger, spring onion, lime zest and chilli.

Once soft add yuzu juice, soy, mirin, honey and reduce for a couple of minutes.

Add the orange slices and sit the duck on top. add chicken stock until 1/2 up the leg and in the oven for an hour at 180°C.

Blitz the rest of the hoisin ingredients together and slowly add stewed rhubarb until the desired flavour is reached.

Bring breasts out the fridge an hour or so before cooking and pat skin to allow it to air dry. once ready season duck flesh (not skin) with salt and a little shichimi togarashi.

Straight into a hot pan and render the fat. once coloured at the clarified butter and baste until an internal temp of 48 degrees Celsius. the residual heat will then carry this to 52 degrees Celsius. rest for as long as possible.

For the reduction sweat the shallot and garlic then add 3 tbsp. of rhubarb hoisin as well as a little miso. cook this out then add dashi and simmer over a low temp.

Lastly portion Chinese leaf in 1/8s and coat in the brown sugar and rice wine vinegar. rub with a little 5 spice and star anise then grill on a high heat to attain good colour.

Plate how you desire and finish with lemon balm, nasturtium leaves and blackberry.