Smokey Bacon, Tender Chicken, Fresh Basil Pesto & Basil Pasta

Aspiring Student Chef 2020-21 Finalist - Estelle Roots

About the Recipe

Tender chicken and smokey bacon are my two favourite meats and taste wonderful with the other components of the dish.


Basil Pesto

  • 300ml olive oil

  • 150g fresh basil

  • 100g pine nuts

  • 50g parmesan cheese

  • 3 cloves of garlic

Basil Pasta

  • 20ml basil oil

  • 20g basil pesto

  • 1 whole egg

  • 3 egg yolks

  • 250g plain "00" flour

  • pinch of salt

  • 10ml water


  • 2 streaky bacon rashers,

  • 2 boneless, free-range chicken breasts skinless 

  • 120g of fresh Basil 

  • 1/2 onion , finely diced

  • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped

  • 80ml Cream

To Serve

  • Fresh basil to serve


Basil Pesto
Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend to a fine texture.

Basil Pasta
Mix together the basil oil and a little basil puree and a couple of eggs. 

Sieve in the Flour with the salt and work into a dough. 

Remove from the food processor, wrap in film and leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Bacon and Chicken Sauce
Heat the olive oil and saute the garlic, onion, and bacon for 4-5 minutes on medium heat. 

Add cream and most of the cheese and simmer for 3-4 minutes until reduced. Season to taste. 

Meanwhile, cook the pasta until al dente, then drain and stir the pesto through the pasta. Gently stir the cream sauce through the pesto pasta. 

Garnish with cracked pepper, cheese and fresh basil leaves and serve.