Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Jus, Pomme Fondant and Pea, Courgette, Lemon & Mint Fricassee

Aspiring Student Chef 2020-21 Winner - Louie Whelan-Dorney

About the Recipe

I was doing a session for my family and I chose to try a complex dish.


Pomme Fondant

  • 2 maris piper potatoes 

  • 1 Large Rack of lamb

  • Pea shoots for garnish

  • 1 bottle of Red wine

  • Seasoning (salt & pepper)

  • Also butter is needed (alot)

  • Olive oil


  • 1 carrot

  • 1 stalk of celery

  • Half leek green part which has been washed to remove dirt/sand

  • 1 knorr stock pot (lamb)

  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed

  • 1 bayleaf

  • 3 peppercorns

  • 1 medium white onion


  • 1 courgette

  • 1 handful of garden peas

  • 70ml double cream


Square the potato and fry for 5 minutes each side until golden brown then add the butter and pan roast for 30mins. 

Next prepare the jus by simmering the wine until it reaches a syrupy texture add to beef stock then season to taste. 

Then prepare the fricassee chop courgette into 1cm cubes, in a pan with some oil, fry the courgettes till coloured, add peas, lemon zest toss for 1 minute then add about 80ml cream and about 30ml jus and add the mint. 

Now cook the lamb, salt all over fat side down in a cold pan then put over a low heat for about 5 minutes the turn the heat up and flip over and throw in rosemary thyme and garlic, for 1 minute then put into a oven pre heated to about 190°C for 7 minutes take out butter baste and rest for 5 minutes.