The Teflon Diamond Standard Awards


Spiced Pheasant with Roast Pepper Pappardelle

"I personally enjoyed making this dish because it was quite difficult. Not only was I challenging myself, I was also using high skill techniques such as de-boning the pheasant and multi-tasking. It allowed me to experiment a lot with my creativity. This recipe is a fusion of British pheasant, Italian pasta, and African spices. It was very colourful and looked very rich. It came out with a very unique taste, which I was very pleased with."


  • 2 red peppers and 2 yellow bell peppers

  • 3 garlic cloves

  • 2 tbsp. olive oil

  • 1 tbsp. cumin seeds

  • 5 tbsp. red wine

  • 4 vine ripened tomatoes

  • 2 pheasant fillets & jointed

  • 40g butter

  • 3 tbsp. chopped fresh coriander plus extra for decoration

  • Spicy paprika African stock cube ½ chilli pepper


1. The first thing I did was to preheat the oven to gas mark 6. While it was preheating, I chopped all my vegetables (that is the tomatoes, coriander, garlic cloves, and the bell peppers) and set them aside.


2. The next thing I did was to de-bone the pheasant, which I bought from a local butcher on a different tray and with a different knife to prevent cross-contamination.


3. After that had been done, I neatly arranged the garlic and peppers in a roasting tin, adding 1tbst of olive oil and 1tbs of white wine along with the coming seeds and some spicy paprika.


4. I put it in the oven and let it roast for 20mins, ensuring they were slightly shrivelled up and charred before taking them out of the oven.


5. Before the peppers were fully roasted, I had already seasoned my pheasant on each side with one African stock cube, spicy paprika, cumin seeds and some thyme. The purpose of this was to prevent the pheasant from being completely tasteless.


6. It was then fried over high heat for one minute on each side until it was brown, adding some colour and a little texture to the pheasant.


7. Once the pepper was ready, I layered the pheasant among the peppers, poured the left over red wine on it,added two table spoons of thyme and the spicy paprika along with the tomatoes.


8. I then added a tbsp. of cumin seeds with 1 tsp of olive oil.


9. After this was done I placed them in the oven to cook for 8-10 mins, ensuring that the vegetables were tender and the pheasant was thoroughly cooked.


10. For the pasta I mixed 100g of flour and one free range egg to make the though. It was kneaded thoroughly and was put through the pasta machine afterwards to level 5.


11. I cut them into ribbons and immediately placed them into a pot of boiling water..