Tanisha's Wild Duck Breast served with Rhuabrd Puree, Nut Granola, and Autumnal Soy Vegetables



• 2 wild duck breasts


• 200g of rhubarb

• 2 x star anise

• 1 vanilla pod, split and seeds reserved

• 10g of caster sugar


• 135g of almonds

• 100g of pine nuts

• 1 tsp coriander seeds

• 2 tbsp of walnut oil

• 1 lemon, zest only

• 1 pinch of salt & pepper

• vegetable oil, for deep frying


• 4 baby leeks

• 3 purple Chantilly carrots

• 3 orange Chantilly carrots

• 2 large potatoes

• 2 large parsnips

• 1 pinch of sugar

• 1 dash of soy sauce

• salt


• 150ml Red wine

• 25ml grand marnier

• 500ml brown chicken stock

• 1tbsp sherry vinegar

• 1tsp sugar

• 75g mirepoix mixed veg

• 1 sprig of thyme

• 1 bay leaf

• 1tbsp orange juice

• 10g diced butter


• 2 garlic cloves (deep-fried garlic chips)

• 1 dash of milk

• Salt

• 4 flamed layers of shallot

• A few strands of curly green endive


Set oven to 180°C fan & deep fryer to 170°c

ORANGE-RED WINE JUS 1. Start by placing a heavy-based pan on the stove and heat some oil in a pan whilst you roughly chop your mirepoix veg 2. Add your veg to the pan and sweat until cooked through (along with the bay leaf & thyme) *continue to check whilst it cooks and continuously stir* 3. Attend to your mirepoix by adding in the wine & grand Marnier and letting it reduce to 1/3 the original amount 4. add in the sugar, sherry vinegar and stock then leave to further reduce down 5. once you have the required consistency strain the jus and place back on the heat to continue reducing 6. once the jus has thickened and is slightly glossy add a knob of butter and continue to stir until melted

AUTUMNAL SOY VEGETABLES & POTATOES 1. peel your potatoes and parsnips and cut the potatoes with the larger end of the Parisian scoop, (make about 10 balls) and the parsnips with the slightly smaller end of the scoop (make about 12 balls) 2. Chop your Chantilly carrots in half, lengthways 3. Add the potatoes, parsnips, and carrots each to their own pan with a pinch of salt, fill with cold water, place on the stove and bring to boil 4. Cook until al dente 5. Take your potatoes and parsnips, add them to a small frying pan along with the butter & seasoning and cook until golden brown/slightly crispy 6. Add a small amount of stock, a splash of soy sauce & a pinch of sugar to the Chantilly carrots and gently heat through BABY LEEKS 1. Chop your leeks on a diagonal slant, (using the end white part of your leek) into 4-5cm pieces, then cut each piece in half lengthways 2. Place them in a pan, (flat side facing down) cover with stock & a knob of butter, sprinkle with salt & pepper, and cover with a small layer of clingfilm allowing it to gently simmer until al dente

HUBARB PUREE 1. Now start your rhubarb puree: chop up your rhubarb in even-sized pieces and add to a small saucepan of water along with the 2 star anise, sugar and vanilla 2. Place on the stove, bring to a simmer & cook until the rhubarb is tender 3. Once your rhubarb is cooked, strain in a fine colander, keeping aside some of the excess liquid (to adjust, if needed, the consistency of the puree) 4. Blitz the rhubarb with a hand blender until smooth- pour into a squeezy bottle and set aside for plating up your dish later

GARLIC CRISPS & SHALLOTS 1. Thinly slice the 2 garlic cloves on a mandolin and place them in a small saucepan, covering with milk 2. Cook until the milk has reached a temperature of 70°C 3. Strain off the milk in a fine colander and set aside/pat dry with a blue paper towel on a tray 4. Set the deep fryer to 160/80°C and deep fry the slices until golden brown 5. Leave to drain on a blue paper towel, and lastly season slightly 6. For the shallots take the outer layers and flame with a blow torch until slightly charred/coloured 7. Place under a slightly warm grill to keep warm

NUT GRANOLA 1. Start to make the nut granola by adding the flaked almonds, whole coriander seeds and pine nuts to a pan on the stove and lightly toast until golden brown 2. Once toasted season with a little salt & pepper, add to a food blender and pulse until coarsely ground to a smaller granola consistency 3. Grate the lemon and add to the granola along with the walnut oil

DUCK 1. For the duck, cut off any excess fat/silver skin and lightly score the top of the skin in a diagonal direction 2. Place skin side down in a thick bottom cold pan onto the stove and cook until golden brown 3. Drain any excess fat 4. Flip onto the other side and repeat 5. Place onto a tray and cook for 4 minutes in the oven at 180 6. Remove the duck from the oven and let rest for 3 minutes to allow the excess fat to drain 7. Whilst the duck rests start to set up your plate design on a polished plate, starting by arranging a thin layer of granola across the plate and adding the veg around it, keeping tight to the centre 8. Dot around the potato/parsnip balls on the plate along with the rhubarb puree and soy vegetables 9. Cut the duck into a portioned piece & place it on top of the granola the finally drizzle the red wine jus around the plate in a circular motion, taking care not to add too much 10. Finally top with shallot, garlic crisps, curly endive leaves, and a little sprinkle of rock salt and pepper.

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