Magdelena's Traditional Bulgarian style kebabche with a twist


For the kebabche:

350g of 50/50 pork belly and pork sholder

75ml sparkling water

1tsp salt

1tsp cumin for the pickled onion

1 onion red

300ml vinegar pinch of salt

50g sugar

1tsp mustard seeds

1tsp coriander seeds

1 Bay leaf for the flat bread

3tbs Greek yogurt

1tsp baking soda pinch of salt

1tsp oil for beet salad

1 carrot

1 beet

1 lemon wedge toasted seeds some oil and garlic

For snow White:

250ml of Greek yogurt

½ a cucumber walnuts, dill, garlic, salt for the red pesto

1 Bell pepper

4-6 sundried tomatoes

50g parmigiana

1 shallot frying oil


Put pepper in oven over time flip when chard. Chop up onion into thin straps sprinkle salt on it get all the rest of the ingredients for the pickle and put it on a pan. Whilst that is happening get the meat add its seasoning slowly add sparkling water shape meet and put in fridge when all the sugar is devolved take it off heat and put it in a jar along with the onions and leave.

Take the yogurt and soda and salt mix together and leave cut up cucumber and add to the other yogurt along with garlic, salt dill and walnuts (leave some for decoration) chopped up carrot and beet into fine chunks add the seasonings and leave to the side with the lemon slice on top with some of the seeds put the flower in the soda and yogurt mix until dough forms. Peel pepper and add sundried tomato and parmigiana blend until paste forms put in dish and leave to the side toast seeds chop shallots and putting fry split dough into 2/3 balls and flatten start cooking flat bread take the kebabches and pat then start grilling when everything is finessed plate up put shallots on red pesto and seeds on beet salad and some pickles on kebabche.

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