Colin's Sweet Pork with Deconstructed Vegetable Stew


  • 1 good quality pork filet

  • 1 swede

  • 1 potato

  • 1 beetroot

  • 1 leek

  • 15g of butter

  • 5cl of olive oil

  • 2 eggs

  • 20g of flour

  • 20g of dried mustard seeds

  • 10g of English mustard

  • 4cl of milk

  • 5cl of beetroot juice

  • 8cl of verjuice

  • 40g of honey

  • 10g black sugar

  • cinnamon

  • nutmeg

  • dried thyme

  • cumin

  • 100g of coarse salt

  • fine salt

  • pepper


(25-30 min of preparation and cutting, 30-45min of cooking, 5 min of plating)

Glazing : Put in a pot all the spices and herbs of the recipe in small quantities, the black sugar, 30g of honey, 10g of mustard seeds, 5g of mustard, 4cl of verjuice and 10cl of water. Cook at medium heat and let reduce gently for 5min until a caramel consistency, season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Pork : Take the filet, trim off the small bits and small parts of it to make a nice cylinder. Use the trimming for the sauce and maybe big parts for another dish. With cooking string do some nots to tie the filet in a cylinder, put it in a cooking sous-vide bag with half of the glaze, vacuum and seal. Cook in a steam oven or in a pot filled with water at 68°C for 45min. When you get it of the heat, check the inside temperature and it should be 63-65°C. If it is lower, put again for 10min. Get it out of the sous-vide bag, put the juices in the sauce, get the string off, trim the ends, do a last minute glaze, cut a cylinder and put on the plate.

Cumin dentelle (lace) : Mix the flour, the salt, 1 egg white (use the yolk for later), half of the butter (melted) and 5g of cumin. Put in the fridge for 10min, then put in special molds with lace shapes, and cook for 3 min at 180°C.

Potato-Swede Millefeuile (not the traditional French pastry) : Peel the potato and half of the swede, cut it the finest as possible with a mandoline or an electric slicing machine (that is what I used for quicker result). Pile up the potato slices and swede slices by 5 and with a punch (cookie cutter) to make the shape of your mold (save the trimmings for the purée) . Mix in a bowl 1 egg with the milk and sa pinch of cumin, season it well. Butter a soufflé mold, put a round cooking paper on the bottom, put one potato slice, brush slightly some egg mix, pile up another slice of either swede or potato and repeat until the top of the mold. Put aluminum foil around it and cook for 45min at 140°C in the oven. When finished, demoed it and detail a small rectangle in it.

Swede cooked in salt: with the other half of the swede, put it on a coarse salted baking tray and cover it with coarse salt. Cook for 45min in an oven at 200°C. Then cut it in half and make some balls with a « Parisienne » melon baller. Plate.

Vegetable purée : cook the trimmings of the Millefeuille in boiling water until soft (check after 3min with the tip of the knife). Mix with a touch of milk and seasoning. Reheat in a pot when plating.

Beetroot-pork sabayon : Put all the trimmings of pork, leek, and swede in a pot, seize it with 2cl of olive oil until light-brown color on the pork. Add water and beetroot in small cubes. Cook for 30min at medium-low heat. Filter it, reduce it until a sirupy texture, add the beetroot juice, 4cl of verjuice (for acidity), cool down, and an egg yolk (from the dentelle), when plating cook it in a bain-marie and whisk until a foam forms, and with a spoon take only the foam on the top to plate.

Leek cannelloni : Cut the leek into 6 chunks of 3cm each, take the middle part of it and boil it for 2min until soft, flatten it. With the rest of the leek cut it finely into small strips, put it in a hot saucepan with half of the olive oil and half of the butter, and cook it gently at medium heat without coloration, when all the water from the leek has reduced, make it caramelize a bit by always moving it and make it not burn, it should be compact and green-light brown. When completely finished to reduce, let it cool a bit and put it in the sheets of leek made before, roll into a cannelloni and put aside. When plating, warm it up gently in the oven at 140°C.

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