Beth's squid ink tagliatelle with crab, chilli and lemon


200g pasta flour

2 medium eggs

1 tbsp squid ink

1 whole crab, picked

3 tbsp olive oil

1 medium heat red chilli

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 lemon's juice

6 tbsp white wine

Chilli flakes





6 asparagus tips

15g butter

Large handful of flat leaf parsley

Grated parmesan


1. Weigh out flour and create a well to crack the eggs into, slowly combine the flour into the egg, forming a dough

2. Split pasta dough into two, with one half add the squid ink and knead to fully combine

3. Using a pasta machine and the uncoloured pasta dough, roll the pasta out to the thinnest setting and then cut into tagliatelle using machine

4. Repeat this stage with the squid ink pasta, then leaving all tagliatelle on a rack to rest

5. Cut and crack the crab then use a crab pick to remove the meat

6. Pour olive oil into a frying pan and add finely sliced chilli and garlic and sizzle

7. Add the white wine and turn the heat up to simmer until the wine and oil come together, at this stage add the lemon juice

8. Remove pan from heat and add around 4/5 of the crab meat and vigorously stir

9. Add the butter to a separate frying pan and add the prepared asparagus simultaneously with bringing a saucepan of water to the boil and adding the tagliatelle 10. Fry/ boil both these components for around 3 minutes and then drain the pasta

11. Add the remaining crab meat to the sauce and stir gently then adding some sauce to each plate respectively

12. Using tongs and a serving spoon twist the pasta into a spiral and deposit onto each plate gently

13. To finish, add chopped parsley and finely grated parmesan and serve.

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