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Smoked Breaded Lamb   

After completing a celebrity chef themed menu week at college, I have learned a lot about Rick Stein. From this, I was very lucky to have met him when he visited my college this year.


I was amazed at his passion and style of cooking, Rick is all about how it tastes not always how it looks. I had a conversation about his style of cooking and as Rick was well known for cooking fish I decided with him that it would be different to cook an old version of his TV recipe, Scottish breaded lamb for this competition.


Since practising this dish at college several times, I have given it my own personal twist which has enhanced the flavours and made the dish my own. 


  • 1 Cannon of lamb

  • 50g of Panko

  • 50g of Plain flour

  • 1 Egg

  • 4 potatoes

  • 2 florets of Romesco cauliflower

  • 2 florets of purple cauliflower

  • ¼ Cauliflower

  • 1 Onion1 Stock cube

  • ¼ Red cabbage

  • 40g of Sultanas

  • 1 Apple

  • 150ml of Cream

  • 50g of Cheddar cheese

  • 100ml of red wine

  • 100ml of red wine vinegar

  • 50g of Sugar

  • 10g of Butter

  • 1 Garlic clove

  • Water

  • Olive Oil

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Hippo tops cress

  • Ghoa cress

  • Cornabria blossom

  • Bunch of fresh mint

  • Apple wood chips


1.    Place 3 whole unpeeled potatoes in cold water to boil.

2.    Prepare red cabbage, apple and ½ an onion for chutney.

3.    Bring to boil and then simmer prepared red cabbage, apple and ½ an onion with red wine vinegar, red wine and sugar. Stir occasionally and add salt and pepper once cooked.

4.    Prepare ¼ cauliflower, fry without colour, ½ onion and prepared cauliflower, once fried add water and stock cube and bring to boil then simmer till soft to make the puree.

5.    Spiralize 1 potato and keep in water.

6.    Liquidize olive oil and Ghoa cress with salt and pepper. Strain cress after.

7.    Add mint to puree and liquidize cauliflower puree, add butter, salt and pepper.

8.    Once whole potatoes are soft. Strain and refresh in cold water. Peel the skin and cut into thick slices. Fine cut garlic, fry potatoes in vegetable oil and add garlic and salt and pepper. Place potatoes in the metal dish and add cream and grate cheese on top. Cook till golden and rest.

9.    Prepare panne mixture (Flour, Egg, Panko)

10.    Trim lamb cannon and panne.

11.    Seal lamb cannon in butter and oil till golden. Cook on 180’C till core temperature reaches 54’C and rest before plating.

12.    Wrap spiralized potato around a metal mould and deep fry till golden. 13.    Boil till soft the Romesco cauliflower and refresh.

14.    Pick garnish cress and grate purple cauliflower.

15.    To plate, serve on a warm plate, reheat Romesco cauliflower, warm puree and spread on the plate, cut Jabron potatoes using metal mould and plate, slice lamb and place on top of potatoes. Toss Romesco cauliflower in Ghoa oil and salt and pepper and plate. Quenelle chutney on plate. Place potato ring on plate and herbs as garnish and add purple cauliflower shavings. Drizzle with Ghoa oil. Place glass dome over plate and fill with apple wood chip smoke and serve.