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Orange Blossom Cheesecake with Lemon Curd and Sesame Snaps

"I chose these recipes because I wanted to be true to the brief and create something seasonal with lots of texture and interesting flavours that are not always combined.  I have discovered Middle Eastern flavours in the last couple of years and I wanted to combine them with fantastic British ingredients."


  • 1 Tbsp Rapeseed Oil

  • 2 Oranges

  • 100g Ginger Biscuits

  • 50g Unsalted Butter

  • 10g Pistachios (shelled)

  • 2tbsp Pomegranate seeds

  • 140g Philadelphia Cream Cheese

  • 50g Feta

  • 75ml Double Cream

  • Half a teaspoon Vanilla Paste

  • Eighth of a teaspoon of Orange Blossom Water

  • 1 and a half tbsps runny honey plus extra for drizzling

  • 50g Homemade Lemon Curd (ready made)

  • 1 Sesame Snap

  • 2tsps caster sugar


  1. Melt the unsalted butter in a saucepan

  2. Crush the ginger snap biscuits in a freezer bag with a rolling pin

  3. Once the butter has melted, add the biscuits and combine

  4. Divide between two individual cheesecake rings and place in the fridge to harden

  5. Put the philadelphia, feta, double cream, vanilla paste, orange blossom and honey into a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form

  6. Carefully add the cheesecake mix to the biscuit base and place back in the fridge

  7. Put the pistachios in the oven for 5 minutes

  8. Segment the oranges so you have 10 segments

  9. Sprinkle the caster sugar over the orange segments and lightly colour with a brulee torch

  10. Remove the pistachio nuts from the oven and roughly chop

  11. To plate up, carefully remove the cheesecakes from their rings - using a brulee torch if necessary and place in the centre of the plate

  12. Pipe 4 generous mounds of lemon curd on the plate equidistant from each other and place a small shard of sesame snap in each mound

  13. Place the orange segments around the plate and one on top of the cheesecake

  14. Sprinkle with the chopped pistachio and pomegranate seeds and drizzle over some honey.