Heritage Carrot Cake

"I chose my dish because carrot cake is my all time favourite treat so the opportunity I have to show you all how I can take a classic and modernise it to show a side which you may not have been seen before."


For the carrot cake: 

  • 185g gluten free plain flour  

  • 65g ground almonds 

  • 3tbs gluten free baking powder 

  • 2tsp mixed spice 

  • 350g orange heritage carrots 

  • 100g golden sultaners 

  • 215ml rapeseed oil 

  • 4 large eggs 

  • 250g dark brown sugar 

  • 4oz sweet white wine 

  • Purée 

  • 2 heritage carrots 

  • 50ml orange juice 

  • 100g sugar 


For the walnut cream cheese: 

  • 80g walnuts 

  • 10g walnut oil 

  • 250g cream cheese 

  • 100g icing sugar 

For the jelly: 

  • 1 large orange juiced 

  • 1.5 leaf gelatine 

  • Cointreau


For the ice cream:

  • 300g carrots, peeled and diced

  • 65g sugar

  • 150ml thickened cream

  • 50ml orange juice


For the carrot crisp:

  • 1 small heritage carrot 

  • Coat in icing sugar 


1. In a work top mixer cream together the oil and sugar till slightly thickened and change in colour 8-10 mins.


2. Then peal and grate the carrot.


3. Add the eggs slowly while still beating in machine.


4. Then add all dry products and mix in then finish by adding carrot and dried fruit.