Homemade Halloumi Raviolis with Garlic Butter, Chilli Sauce & Cretan Salad with Oranges

"Both of my parents are Greek and I enjoy cooking with Greek ingredients. This dish which I have created is a fusion of Italian and Greek cooking and creates a tasty and unique recipe with interesting flavours and textures."

Ingredients (For one person)


•    100g 00 pasta flour

•    1 egg

•    ¼ grated halloumi

•    Handful of dried mints

•    30g of unsalted butter

•    ¼ glove of garlic.

•    1 chilli



•    2 small cooked beetroot, cut into 2cm dice 

•    Juice of ½ lemon

•    3tbsp of olive oil

•    2 large oranges

•    1 large bunch of Whitwell watercress

•    5 black olives

•    5 green olives

•    2tbsp of oregano, salt and pepper



1. Pour flour in a bowl and make a well in the centre.


2. Crack half the eggs in the centre and mix it with a fork.

3. Knead the flour and eggs together to form a stretchy, soft dough. Do this for 10 minutes.


4. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes.


5. Whilst the dough is in the fridge, grate the halloumi cheese and combine with the other half of the egg and dried mint.


6. Then start making the salad.


7. Combine the beetroot, most of the lemon juice, 2 tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper in a glass bowl. Cover and set aside.


8. Peel the oranges cutting away any white pith using a small sharp knife. Then cut crosswise into 2 cm slices.


9. Pick out any pips with the knife.


10. Lay the orange slices and leaves on a plate and carefully slide the beetroot and its marinade over the salad.


11. Sprinkle oregano and olives over the salad and refrigerate until ready to use.


12. Then roll out two pieces of pasta dough and put it through the pasta machine several times.


13. Once dough is ready fill it with the halloumi mixture and cover it with the second piece of dough.


14. Use the cutter to get the ravioli shape. Make sure the ravioli mixture is tight so it doesn’t fall out. Then cook the ravioli in boiling water for 3 minutes.


15. Whilst the ravioli is cooking make the sauce. Melt the butter, crush the garlic and chop the chilli.


16. Place everything neatly on a plate and get the salad out from the fridge.