Chicken Chasseur   

I have chosen to recreate the classic French dish Chicken Chasseur for this competition. As a second year student, creating the classic Chicken Chasseur was part of my course and the dish helped me develop me skills in butchery. I further went on to gain a distinction when I had to recreate the dish for my course and since then have always had a affinity with it.


This competition has now given me the chance to revisit the classic chicken Chasseur and allowed me to develop the dish and give if a modern twist whist retaining all the component elements.


  • 1 whole chicken

  • Plum tomatoes 200g

  • Mushrooms 200g

  • Giroles 100g

  • Tarragon 50g

  • Banana shallots 200g

  • Spinach 50g

  • White wine 75ml

  • Sugar 25g

  • Double cream 100ml

  • White wine vinegar 75ml

  • White bread 100g

  • 1 egg

  • Flour 50g

  • Chicken stock brown 750ml

  • Butter 250g

  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Remove chicken legs and divide in to two, remove knuckle and sinews form the drum stick, then remove claw

  2. Remove wish bone and then the two chicken breasts  from the carcass.

  3. Remove fillet form the  breast season and wrap in cling film, the cook sous vide at 70oC for 50 mins

  4. Remove the leg bone from the drumstick and shape into a ball in cling film and cooked as for the supreme.

  5. Remove the outer skin from the thighs, trim remove excess fat, season and cook between tow trays in the oven for 15min at 175oC the remove and trim

  6. Concasse the tomatoes and fine dice 50g banana shallot cook  both together in a shallow pan till dry, season and retain for service. slice the button mushrooms and fine dice 100g banana shallots.  

  7. Cook in 50g butter till soft.    

  8. Place into thermomixer add cream and puree, taste season.

  9. Slice banana shallot to obtain ring and add to vinegar and sugar allow to pickle for 20 mins, remove and retain for service

  10. Remove crust from the bread and make into bread crumbs.

  11. Blitz together the bread, spinach, and tarragon till it becomes and fine crumb mixture, and season.

  12. In a pan add tomato trimming, mushroom trimmings, 50g  of banana shallot into a pan with white wine, reduce then add chicken stock and allow to reduce.  Strain and season.

  13. Pane the drum stick and deep fry till golden brown Pan fry chicken breast till golden brown in butter and then season Pan fry girole mushroom and season.