ICG Competition – 2020 Winners
(formerly Teflon™ DSA)

Keen Young Cook Winner

Reece Bosowitz, Stevenage.

Reece Bosowitz, 13, cooked his way to the top of the Keen Young Cooks category in 2020's Teflon™ Diamond Standard Awards. He has secured the opportunity to take up the sponsored three year Specialised Chefs Scholarship with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and managed by Bournemouth & Poole College.

"I am a 13 year old rugby playing boy and have just started my GCSE food course at school. In my spare time I do a lot of mountain biking. Cooking is one of my greatest passions and would possibly like to pursue a career in the food industry. I have liked cooking since an early age when I started to bake with my mum. As I have grown I have been inspired by chefs like Gordon Ramsay. One of the first dishes I learnt to cook is paella which I consider to be my signature dish but have developed my skills in other areas too. The dish I have created is inspired by an experience I was lucky to have when I ate at The Star Inn in Yorkshire which is a Michelin star pub run by Andrew Pern. The dish I had was venison and it was the first time I had ever eaten it. I really enjoyed it and when I found out about the competition, venison was the first ingredient I thought of. At home I enjoy helping to grow vegetables which I use when I cook at home. I want to win this competition to learn more about the food industry and develop my skills and for the opportunity to follow a career I would enjoy."

Reece beat 13 others to the title in the National Final with his signature Loin of Wild Fallow Deer, Parsnip (puree, sweet roasted, parsnip crisps), Kale, Pickled Blackberries, Walnut Ketchup & Meat Juices.


Check out his winning recipe here

Aspiring Student Chef Winner

Jack Rymer, Gillingham High School.

Jack Rymer, 19, impressed the judges with his signature classic Roast Poussin served with Confit Poussin Leg, Red Pepper Puree & Salsa Verde Mash.

The Gillingham High School student beat 4 other student chefs in the 

2020 Teflon™ Diamond Standard Awards National Final to win the sponsored three year Specialised Chefs Scholarship with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and managed by Bournemouth & Poole College along with cash prize and cookware.

"I am a young chef who has a passion for good food and putting great flavours together in order to create tasty dishes. I love working a kitchen environment and enjoy my job as a chef at the Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe. I aim to be a great chef one day and am looking forward to learning many new skills both at the competition and in the future with other great chefs. I reached the finals of this competition back in 2018 however winning this prestigious competition would benefit my career in a huge respect and I aim to do my best to impress the judges with my skills and creativity." 


Check out his winning recipe here

Keen Home Cook Winner

Yui Miles, Chelmsford

Our Keen Home Cook champion, Yui Miles, cooked her way to the top with her Thai inspired dinner menu consisting of:

Main: Khoa Soi or ChiangMai Noodles

Dessert: Sticky Rice with Caramelised Coconut, Thai Egg Custard and Sweet & Salty Prawns paired with Lychee Gin Granita

"Cooking is a very important part of Thai culture and my family life. I love to cook for a table full of people. I have been cooking from a very young age. I am a very keen home cook who love to create and share wonderful dishes to family and friends. Some of my recipes have been handed down from generations which are so valuable to me. My speciality cuisine is Thai/Chinese. Cooking is my passion and to win Teflon™ Diamond Standard Awards 2020 would mean so much to me as this is a great opportunity to show everyone how beautiful and delicious my Thai and Chinese food is especially when you cook from the heart."


Yui won a hamper full of cooking goodies along with Teflon™ non-stick coated cookware. In total a prize worth over £800!

Check out some of her winning recipes here.

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